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Novi Sad School of Business first joined the CEEPUS network of “Tourism and Agriculture Sustainable Alliances (TASA)” –- in the academic year of 2024/2025.

Program Description of the #TASA network

Sustainable development is now more than ever one of the essential principles of circular economy. Intersectoral linking combined with sustainable innovations coming from different types of stakeholders directly leads to the well-being and prosperity of the whole society. #TASA network directly focuses on well-recognised connections between agriculture, tourism and hospitality sector. Performing numerous teaching and research activities, network partners strongly strive to deeply understand and study potentially new links between tourism, agriculture and hospitality in specific sustainable contexts. T

The primary thematic sets that sustainably define our alliances are:
• green business practices and social entrepreneurship;

  • digital technologies and value development;
  • green logistics and short supply chains management;
  • rural tourism development in sustainable urban-rural contrast contexts and
  • well-being, sustainable life-style and local food production and consumption.

You can download the Long Program Description here.

Find partners and important contacts

Coordinator of the #TASA network

University of Maribor

Slomskov trg 15

2000 Maribor



Faculty of Logistics

Mariborska cesta 7

3000 Celje


Contact Person

Assist. prof. ddr.  Lazar Pavić