On October 9th, 2017, Vice-President of the Provincial Government Ðorde Milicevic welcomed the 58th generation of students of the Novi Sad Business School and congratulated them on the beginning of their education at this higher education institution.

Milicevic said that modern society requires from all of us to constantly learn and acquire new knowledge and new skills because this is the only way to progress in the 21st century and the true wealth of every individual and society as a whole.

"The state of Serbia, its Government and the Provincial Government make a lot of things to encourage young people on their way to acquire knowledge and life-long education" Milicevic said.

He added that it is the obligation of competent institutions to provide adequate conditions for the smooth implementation of a quality study program since attending such programs will make both students and their country more prosperous and richer.

The students were also addressed by the Provincial Secretary for Higher Education and Scientific Research prof. Zoran Miloševic, PhD who persuaded them to persist on the road ahead.

Principal of the School, Jelena Damnjanovic, thanked the Provincial Government for cooperation and allocated seven million dinars for the repair of the roof of this higher education institution.