We invite our students to attend the NTC Workshop "Functional Knowledge – Fun Exercises and Learning Methods" on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 at 11 a.m. The workshop will be held by Vuk Rajovic and Nemanja Bojanic.

Mensa-NTC Learning System is a specialized program created as a result of many years of research in the field of creative learning and thinking, which has been conducted in 15 countries of Europe. The author of the program is Ranko Rajovic, PhD, the founder of MENSA Serbia and a long-time member of the 4-member MENSA Committee for gifted children. Within MENSA, the NTC Department has been researching the problem of improving intellectual abilities for many years. It has been proven that reproductive learning for the brain does not exist, so we need to better understand our brain in order to use it in the best way. This can be achieved through fun exercises and learning methods.

The participants will get acquainted with the NTC learning system, learn more about how our brain works, how to easily master their learning material and sharpen their thought processes.