Other Erasmus projects


Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project Introduction to EU – Education for secondary schools (INEES)- School of Business in Novi Sad is carrying out INEES project. The project is an innovative method that brings closer the process of European integrations, EU institutions and its mechanisms to the teachers and students in high schools in the Republic of Serbia. The goal of the project is to deepen the understanding of the process of accession of Serbia to EU, as well as creating and adopting the new values that will influence establishing a new model of behavior/conduct in schools. You can find more information about INEES project at the link below.


Professional Development of Vocation Education Teachers with European Practices (Pro-VET)- The aim of this project is to Improve VET in Russia and Serbia through the professional development of teachers via knowledge-building and practice, reflecting the European VET experience. The specific objectives of Pro-VET are to train the HE teachers of the two partner countries on using European VET initiatives, best methods and pedagogical approaches, to set up and equip national e-labs on the base of the 8 partner countries’ institutes for producing and disseminating content and courses, to set up VET Educator’s Training Network (VET-ETN) on the base of an open access e-learning platform and to co-design roadmaps for VET development in line with European policy and practice in Russia and Serbia. You can find more information about Pro-VET project at the link below.


Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) – Novi Sad School of Business, as a partner institution participates in the implementation of the Erasmus + (KA2) project, entitled “Master of Studies in Gender Responsible Budgeting”. Partner institutions from Northern Macedonia, Austria and Serbia are participating in the realization of the project. The aim of the project is to promote the concept of gender responsive budgeting through the possibility of accreditation of the master course (MA GRB) in all partner institutions participating in the project.


Erasmus+ Jean Monnet EU Trade and Investment (EU TRaIN) is implemented by Novi Sad School of Business with the financial support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The EuTRaIN module deals with the role of the European Union in the globalised world through the treatment of general and specific EU topics.

The EU TRaIN Module’s aim is to encourage students to become active participants in democratic life, involved in civil society activities respecting common EU values and apply the acquired knowledge about the European Union.

More information about Pro-VET project at the link below.