The mission of the Centre for Career Development of Novi Sad School of Business is to provide continued support to their students in terms of career development, continuation of education and employment.

About the Centre

The Centre for Career Development of Novi Sad School of Business aims to connect students and economy easier and faster.

The main tasks of the Centre for Career Development are to:

  • Support the enrichment of the professional biography of students, i.e. inform about the possibilities for gaining work experience while studying through field practice, exchange programmes, volunteering, participation in projects or other activities,
  • Support lifelong learning (LLL) and professional development through formal and non-formal educational programmes designed to acquire knowledge and current skills applicable to the labour market by participating in courses, instruction, workshops, training and other forms of education,
  • Advise students on employment, career planning, writing a professional biography and preparation for an interview with an employer,
  • Cooperate with the Development Committee, employers and organise companies’ presentations,
  • Provide information services regarding scholarships and mobility programmes, competitions, vacancies, opportunities for practice in the country and abroad, etc.
  • Organise events – job fairs, guest lectures and other events that directly or indirectly influence the career development of students.

Activities and Services

Through the services and activities of the Centre for Career Development students will have the opportunity to:

  • understand what a career is and how it can be managed,
  • plan and develop their careers, but also change their career plans if required by the market and circumstances or if their affinities concerning their own careers change,
  • assess their characteristics, abilities, values and interests,
  • set professional goals,
  • prepare for a job search and actively search for a job (choosing a job that suits a  candidate, finding job vacancies, searching for a potential employer, applying for job advertisements, using different employment services, building a network of contacts),
  • present themselves to employers in the best light (through training for writing a professional biography, writing a covering letter, preparing for a job interview, alleviating anxiety, and practising interview performance, overcoming stress),
  • become, or remain successful at work (stand out from the competition and be better than the competition, improving communication with colleagues and superiors, alleviating anxiety and exercising performance, overcoming stress and coping well with daily pressures or work, finding work-life balance).

Our Team

Ivana Jošanov-Vrgović, PhD

“The right man in the right place” and an individual approach to each person is the guiding precept of my theoretical and practical work. I try to see the best in each individual, and help them to make the most of their potential in the best possible way. The long-term engagement in professional selection activities, previous experience in the guidance of career centre as well as joint work with people on making choices and decisions that employees face in many companies, both at home and abroad, has helped me to gain a lot of experience in supporting people through decision-making process. Through my involvement in the Centre for Career Development, I will strive to help students learn to make those decisions that will help them to be true to themselves and make choices that will help them position themselves in the most appropriate place in their future career.

Maja S. Vukadinović, PhD

The authenticity and autonomy of one’s own personality is an asset that we have at hand when we build and choose our future career. Success is a tempting reward we hope to obtain every step of the way. Money, reputation and recognition of our competencies are just some of the gains of carefully chosen future direction. When they support and inspire the development of personal potentials, further personal development and the acquisition of new territories of knowledge and skills, they bring pleasure to a person. Through my effort in the Centre for Career Development, I want to encourage students to believe in themselves and their ideas and to choose the direction of their future development in accordance with their real self, which will bring them satisfaction, strengthen autonomy and ensure success, that “does not come to you, you go to it!”

Ana Jovičić Vuković, PhD

Being a tutor means a great responsibility, but also a pleasure. I try to be a teacher I appreciated while I was a student. I strive to inspire and motivate students for a better and deeper engagement in their learning with my knowledge, effort and dedication, and by supporting their ideas and projects. Knowledge and success need to be created and developed with each new day, and this can be achieved only through cooperation, trust and open communication between a student and a teacher, but also through ongoing education and training. Due to the fact that I myself have participated in various fieldwork programmes, exchange programmes and attended numerous seminars that improved and supplemented my formal education and provided me with new experience, skills and abilities, through my engagement in the Centre for Career Development, I will endeavour to help students to find the best way to start and develop their careers in accordance with their own wishes, interests and capacities.

Isidora Milošević

Practice is the best judge in each knowledge domain, especially in the education process. Real-life experience-practice situations evaluate and examine each thought only in vivo. Gaining a practical experience for each individual is the way of acquiring virtue as the result of the desired and possible. However, field practice is not just the path to your professional development, but more than that – it is the best side of your character built up through the interaction of all actors on the stage of life and work.


Centre for Career Development

Novi Sad School of Business

Vladimira Perića Valtera Street No. 4

21000 Novi Sad

Working hours of the Centre for Career Development:

14:00-15:00 (Classroom 2)