Undergraduate Applied Studies

Finance and Banking

Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Finance and Banking is intended for students who wish to be trained for the positions in the field of finance and banking. Having in mind the importance of the role of finances in company activities, as well as the role of the banks in the development of the economy, it is to be expected that specialists in this field will be increasingly in demand in the following years. Work in small groups, dedicated teachers, application of contemporary teaching methods and the use of adequate literature will enable students to get familiar with practices in finance and banking in developed countries and then apply the knowledge to the domestic market.

Trade and International Business

Undergraduate Professional Study Program in Trade and International Business is intended for students who wish to acquire quality knowledge, skills and abilities and become professionals competent to perform jobs in the field of internal and external trade, wholesaling and retailing or international business. The students will have acquired practical knowledge in international economics and trade, business and market communications, market research and consumer behaviour research, marketing strategies and marketing channels, as well as knowledge about export business, e-business and trade with The European Union. Upon completion of this Programme the students will be able to successfully work in small and medium enterprises or become entrepreneurs in the field of trading.

Tourism and Hospitality

Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Tourism and Hospitality has been designed to meet the demands of the employment market. In addition, it has been developed in accordance with trends in higher education, Bologna Process directives and contemporary trends in tourism. Although tourist industry already employs a considerable number of people, it is expected that the need for professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality industry will continue to grow due to a constant increase in number of tourists not only in Serbia but also in the world.

The Applied Informatics Study Programme

The Applied Informatics Study Programme has been designed to meet the increasing demand for various profiles in the field of information and communications technology. It is aligned with the needs of IT companies which are looking to employ graduates who will, in addition to theoretical knowledge, have the necessary skills needed to start working on projects straight after getting their degree.