Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Entrepreneurship has been designed to meet the needs of the market as entrepreneurship has become a source of income for numerous people and setting up a business has become attractive to all levels of society. Nowadays, due to rationalization of the number of employees in big companies, many see entrepreneurship as an ideal way to ensure their own security and achieve success. Therefore, at Novi Sad School of Business we have designed an entrepreneurship study program which will prepare students for the world of entrepreneurship.

Upon completion of the three-year undergraduate studies (180 ESPB), students will know how to start their own business and how to run it successfully. The study program covers the entire process from creation of a business idea and foundation of a company, to company management, growth and development.

Along with theoretical knowledge, the students will have acquired additional knowledge at work placement programmes, at lectures given by experts in different fields of entrepreneurship as well as in the Career Development Centre which will provide students with services such as abilities, interests and motivation assessment in order to direct them towards more specific professional goals.

On graduation, the students of the Entrepreneurship Study Programme will acquire the title of Entrepreneurial Manager, appl. and will be qualified to start their own business venture and play an active role in the world of business.

No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17OO01 Principles of Economics 1 3+2 7
2 17ST01 Principles of Management 1 2+2 6
3 17ST03 Corporate Law 1 2+2 6
4 Electives (First Foreign Language 1) 1 2+2 5
17ST02E First Foreign Business Language1 – English
17ST02N First Foreign Business Language1- German
17ST02R Firts Foreign Business Language 1 – Russian
17ST02F First Foreign Business Language1 – French
5 Electives I 1 2+2 5
17OO03 Psychology
17OO02 Sociology
6 17ST04 Principles of Organising 2 2+2 6
7 17ST05 Accounting 2 3+2 7
8 17OO05 National Economy 2 2+2 6
9 17OO04 Mathematics 2 2+2 6
10 Electives II 2 2+2 6
17SA02 Ecological Management
17SA01 Agro-Economics
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17ST32 Principles of Entrepreneurship 3 3+2 7
2 17SA03 Information Technology Applications 3 3+2 7
3 17ST33 Economics of Enterprise 3 2+2 6
4 17SA33 Business Environment 3 3+2 7
5 Electives III 3 2+2 5
17SA34 Media Management
17SA17 Business Communication
6 17SA04 Business Statistics 4 3+2 7
7 17SA35 Entrepreneurial Management 4 2+2 6
8 Electives (First Foreign Language 2) 4 2+2 5
17ST09E First Foreign Business Language 2 – English
17ST09N First Foreign Business Language2 – German
17ST09R First Foreign Business Language 2 – Russian
17ST09F First Foreign Business Language 2 – French
9 Work Placement I (ENT) 4 0+0+5 4
10 Electives IV 4 2+2 6
17SA36 Leadership
17SA50 Business Ethics