Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Tourism and Hospitality

Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Tourism and Hospitality has been designed to meet the demands of the employment market. In addition, it has been developed in accordance with trends in higher education, Bologna Process directives and contemporary trends in tourism. Although tourist industry already employs a considerable number of people, it is expected that the need for professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality industry will continue to grow due to a constant increase in number of tourists not only in Serbia but also in the world.

Tourism and Hospitality Study Programme is based on a multidisciplinary approach and synergy of theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition to specialized subjects in the fields of tourism and hospitality industry, the programme incorporates instruction in economics, management, information technologies and foreign languages in order to train students for various positions in tourism and hospitality industry.

An important element of the Programme is acquisition and improvement of skills and knowledge through work placement programmes which take place in numerous organizations with which Novi Sad School of Business successfully cooperates.

Upon completion of undergraduate professional studies students will have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and skills which are applicable in the most complex situations students will encounter while performing everyday professional activities.

Since tourism industry employs a wide range of professionals of different expertise, there are numerous opportunities for employment. Upon completion of Tourism and Hospitality Professional Undergraduate Study Programme  students can occupy various positions in: travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities; transport, air and cruising companies, local, regional and national tourism organizations, destination management organizations, national parks, aqua parks, theme parks, cultural institutions, wineries etc.
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17OO01 Principles of Economics 1 3+2 7
2 17ST01 Principles of Management 1 2+2 6
3 17ST03 Corporate Law 1 2+2 6
4 Electives (First Foreign Language 1) 1 2+2 5
17ST02E First Foreign Business Language1 – English
17ST02N First Foreign Business Language1- German
17ST02R Firts Foreign Business Language 1 – Russian
17ST02F First Foreign Business Language1 – French
5 Electives I 1 2+2 5
17OO03 Psychology
17OO02 Sociology
6 17ST04 Principles of Organising 2 2+2 6
7 17ST05 Accounting 2 3+2 7
8 17OO05 National Economy 2 2+2 6
9 17OO04 Mathematics 2 2+2 6
10 Electives II 2 2+2 6
17SA02 Ecological Management
17SA01 Agro-Economics
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17SA04 Business Statistics 3 3+2 7
2 17SA03 Information Technology Applications 3 3+2 7
3 17ST26 Principles of Tourism and Hospitality 3 3+2 6
4 17SA24 Special Forms of Tourism 3 2+2 6
5 Electives III 3 2+2 6
17SA25 Natural Resources in Tourism
17SA26 Tourism Geography
6 17SA27 Tourism Economics 4 2+2 6
7 17ST27 Marketing in Tourism 4 2+2 6
8 Electives (First Foreign Language 2) 4 2+2 5
17ST09E First Foreign Business Language 2 – English
17ST09N First Foreign Business Language2 – German
17ST09R First Foreign Business Language 2 – Russian
17ST09F First Foreign Business Language 2 – French
9 17ST28 Event Management 4 3+2 7
10 WorkPlacement I (TH) 4 0+0+5 4