Course ID 17ССТ12
  • Banking and Stock Trading
Number of classes 3+3
Semester 2
Status Core
Course objective is the acquisition of knowledge and skills characteristic of banking operations and financial transactions, as well as the application of acquired knowledge in practice. After the completion of the learning process, students are expected to know how to define and analyze the elements of the business policy of banks, the financial structure of business operations, basic elements of domestic and international payment operations, as well as to describe the payment and payment instruments in the financial markets. Also, the goal is for students to acquire knowledge and skills related to the application of basic and advanced payment mechanisms in the electronic transfer of funds, as well as knowledge of the instruments they use in electronic transfer of funds.
Upon completing the learning process within the courseBanking and Financial Transactions, students will be able to:
• define the basic elements of the business policy of banks;
• define and describe basic instruments of financial transactions;
• define the basic elements of securing payment in the financial markets;
• explain the purpose of instruments of financial transactions and make distinction between their basic characteristics;
• give a description and define the differences between different payment mechanism in the electronic transfer of funds;
• define and classify international instruments for securing funds.
Theoretical training
• The business policy of the bank;
• Commercial banks and internal financial transactions;
• Financial transaction instruments;
• Payment security instruments in the financial market;
• Payment instruments and mechanisms for electronic transfer of funds;
• International instruments for securing funds;
• Financial structure of business operations.
Practical training
• Case study analysis.
• Preparing and presenting seminar papers in order to synthesize the acquired knowledge.
• Heffernan, S. (2005). Modern banking. Beograd: Data status.

• Konh, M. (2010). Financial Instutions and Markets. Oxford: Oxford University press.

• Miller, R. & Van Hose, D. D. (2005). Moderan novac i bankarstvo. Beograd: Data status.

• Пауновић, С. Б. (2006). Приватизација акционарство и развој финансијских тржишта. Београд: Савремена администрација.

• Студије случаја и чланци у часописима, књигама, и на интернету.
Lectures and practice classes, case studies, discussions, presenting examples from professional practice, preparing and presenting essays and seminar papers.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 55 points Final exam 45 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 45
Ongoing assessment 30    
Class participation 10  
Practice: 10