Course ID 17МСА08
  • International Business and Finance
Number of classes 2+2
Semester 2
Status Optional
Course objective is to acquire basic knowledge from the theory and practice of strategic management and business strategy. In modern business conditions strategy represents an essential planning decision and the backbone of the management process. Students will be introduced to the process of formulating, evaluating and implementing the strategy. They will get acquainted with modern managerial concepts and tools used in the strategic management process, as well as with possible ways of using strategic resources. Course objective is that students broaden their knowledge in the field of business strategies, develop analytical and practical thinking, and to enable them to achieve goals in a constantly changing business conditions.
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• make diffrence between strategic from operational planning;
• define the business strategy and make differece between strategy at the enterprise level and strategy at the company level;
• formulate a strategy and identify alternative strategies;
• apply different methods for evaluating the strategy;
• identify stakeholders involved in the strategy implementation phase as well as the resources needed in this process,
• define and explain the use of strategic resources such as human resources, technology, research and development, marketing, production, logistics, etc.
Theoretical training
• Strategic management logic;
• Development and process of management, environmental analysis;
• Planning as the primary phase of the management process;
• Operational planning - a business plan;
• Defining mission and strategic goals;
• Formulation of the strategy;
• Evaluating the strategy;
• Implementation of the strategy;
• Control the strategy;
• Use of strategic resources;
• Analysis of financial performance for the needs of strategic planning.
Practical training
• Case study analysis and discussions.
Ђуричин, Д., Јаношевић, С., и Каличанин, Ђ. (2015). Менаџмент и стратегија. Београд: Економски факултет.
Coulter, M. (2010). Strategijski menadžment na delu, četvrto izdanje. Beograd: Data status.
Thompson, A., Strickland, A., & Gamble, J. (2008). Strateški menadžement: u potrazi za konkurentskom prednošću, teorija i slučajevi iz prakse. Zagreb: Mate.
Lectures are supported by modern learning and audio-visual aids. Active participation of students. Practice casses include: analysis of covered materials, debats, seminar papers, case studies.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 55 points Final exam 45 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 45
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam
Class participation 10    
Practice: 10