Course ID 17МСА13
  • International Business and Finance
Number of classes 3+3
Semester 4
Status Optional
Course objective is acquiring basic knowledge from the theory and practice of corporate finance. Students will become acquainted with corporate finance, but also master the methods and techniques of corporate financial management. Course objective is that students improve their knowledge in the field of finance, develop an analytical and practical way of thinking and gain the skills for performing the tasks conducted by financial experts.
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• define, identify and explain the issues of corporate finance;
• analyze the financial statements and independently make conclusions;
• assess the required working capital in the enterprise and define the factors that influence the higher efficiency of working capital management;
• assess risk and return, explain the relationship between risks and returns, and perform valuation of stocks and bonds;
• distinguish and apply different methods of evaluating investment projects and choose the best option;
• identify and compare sources of financing, create an optimal capital structure and make an optimal decision on dividends.
Theoretical training
• Fundamentals of Corporate Finance;
• Financial planning and analysis of financial statements;
• Working capital, management of working capital;
• Working capital financing;
• Risk and yield;
• Valuation of actions;
• Valuation of bonds;
• Investment projects and methods of evaluation of investment projectsl
• Sources of financing and cost of capital;
• Capital management, capital structure;
• Dividend policy.
Practical training
• Case studies analysis, discussions, problem assignments.
Brealey, R., Mayers, S., & Marcus, A. (2010). Osnovi korporativnih finansija. Beograd: Mate.
Besley, S., & Brigham, E. F. (2015). Poslovne finansije. Beograd: Data status.
Damodaran, А. (2007). Korporativne finansije: teorija i praksa. Podgorica: MODUS, Centar za statistička istraživanja i prognoze.
Berk, J., & DeMarzo, P. (2011). Corporate Finance. Boston: Pearson Education.
Lectures supported by modern audio-visual equipment and active participation of students. Practice classes involve: analysing areas covered in lectures, discussions, case studies, seminar papers, task-solving.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 55 points Final exam 45 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 45
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam
Class participation 10    
Practice: 10    


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