Course ID 17СТ09Е
  • Applied Informatics
Number of classes 2+2
Semester 4
Status Optional
The objective of the course is consolidation of the existing knowledge and development of all language skills and sociolinguistic strategies necessary for successful oral and written everyday and business communication in English
After completing the course, students will have adopted a sufficient number of business terms and will possess grammatical and pragmatic knowledge that will allow them to clearly express their opinions, make proposals, back up their opinions with arguments, agree or disagreee with the interlocutor. Students will: become aware of the importance of speech acts and acquire the appropriate semantic formulas necessary for their realization and at the same time learn how to avoid the violation of social conventions; possess knowledge that will enable them to understand more comprehensive written and oral texts in the field of business - not just the main ideas, but details as well; be able to compose a short e-mail or business letter without difficulties in a short time; develop the ability to say numbers and interpret data given in the form of charts, tables and diagrams.
Theoretical training
Topics: Types and structure of companies, characteristics of different jobs, online shopping, entrepreneurial spirit, business culture during and outside working hours, marketing, planning and investing, characteristics of a successful manager and businessperson, workplace conflicts, private and public sector, products and services.
Grammar: modal verbs, present and past simple and continuous form of verbs, compound nouns, reported speech, conditional sentences, time clauses, passive, collocations.
Speech acts that appear in communication atmeetings, when socializing outside the workplace, in the presentations of products and services, in negotiations.
Practical training
Analysis of case studies;
Simulation of speech situations.
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Видео и аудио материјалкоји прате уџбеник и образовниг материјал доступан на интернету
Interactive teaching, individual, pair and group work.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 45 points Final exam 55 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 40
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam 15
Class participation 10  



Practice classes