Course ID ССА28
Number of classes 3+3
Semester 2
Status Core
Course objective is the acquisition of general knowledge about human resources management in modern organizations.
In this course, the students will acquire and develops basic knowledge about how the company management should consider employees as true and equal partners in the management of everyday business activities so that the practical knowledge in the domain of human resources management will become the means for solving the problems of the workforce of today: population growth, high unemployment and diversification of the workforce, diverse ethical challenges, corporate responsibility, global competition, and so on.
Theoretical training
• Basic concepts of human resources management;
• Work framework and challenges of human resources management;
• Strategic human resources management;
• The legal and ethical context of human resources management;
• Human Resource Planning;
• Analysis and design of work;
• Staffing;
• Performance management;
• Training and career development of employees;
• Work evaluation and compensation;
• Safety and health of employees;
• Building effective relationships with employees - the employer;
• Tendencies in human resources management.
Practical training
• Сase studies.
Dransfield R., (2000) Human Resources Management, Harcourt Heinemann

Bratton J.,Gold J., (2001) Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc.

Штангл Ш. Г., Зимањи В., (2005) Менаџмент људских ресурса, Економски факултет, Суботица

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Theoretical training accompanied with sloving practical tasks and case studies.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 70 points Final exam  30 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 30
Ongoing assessment 20 Oral exam  
Class participation 35  
Practice:individual case study making 10    


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