Course ID 16СТ47
  • Applied Informatics
Number of classes 2+2
Semester 1
Status Core
The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the basics of information systems. Students get acquainted with: the basic concepts related to information systems, the role of computers in information systems, different types of information systems, and criteria for evaluating information systems.
By mastering the planned content, students acquire the competence that is reflected in: the basic knowledge and understanding of business information systems and their roles in enterprises, the ability to participate in the development of business information systems with the appropriate application of modern information technology and the ability to connect knowledge acquired within the courses belonging to the field of knowledge economy, which are related to information and communication technology.
Theoretical training

• The significance of information systems (IS)
• Changes in the business environment
• Data, information, knowledge
• Information and decision-making
• Transaction processing system
• Management and executive information systems
• Group support systems
• Automation of office business
• Artificial intelligence
• E-business
• Marketing, manufacturing, accounting, finance information systems
• Human resources management information systems
• Development of information systems

Practical training
The application of the acquired knowledge on computers.
З. Марошан (2008), Пословни информациони системи, Висока пословна школа
Rainer Jr., R., & Turban E. (2009). Uvod u informacione sisteme, Beograd: Data status.
R. Kelly Rainer, Brad Prince, Casey G. Cegielski (2013), Introduction to Information Systems, Wiley; 5 edition
Haag, S., & Cummings, M. (2008). Information systems essentials, Boston: McGraw-Hill.
Lectures, practical application of the acquired knowledge on computers using modern development environments.
Assessment (maximum number of points – 100)
Exam Requirements 45 points Final exam 55 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 25
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam 30
Class participation 10
Case  study