Course ID 17МСА06
  • International Business and Finance
Number of classes
Semester 4
Status Core
Course objective is the application of basic theoretical-methodological, professional applied knowledge and methods in solving specific problems in the field of international business and finance. Through the study of the observed problem, its structure and complexity and on the basis of the conducted analyses, the student is expected to make quality and applicable conclusions about possible ways of solving the problem and make adequate decisions that could lead to the solution of the analysed problem. In addition, course objective is to develop a student's ability to communicate and present ideas and solutions in a verbal or written manner.
After taking this course, the student will be able to independently, on the basis of previously acquired knowledge, examine the structure of the given problem and systematically analyse it in order to make conclusions about possible directions of its solution. In addition, the student will be able to present in verbal or written form a proposal for solving the analyzed practical problem, previously accepted by the mentor and the representative of the economic or public institution in which the student was doing the work placement.
Course contents vary from case to case in order to adapt to the needs of the specific master’s thesis. The student, through consultations with the mentor and the representative of the institution in which the Master's Thesis is done, defines the relevant literature from theoretical and practical areas of international and/or financial business, whose study is necessary for acquiring functional knowledge necessary for the successful development of final master’s thesis.
Group of authors: books and magazines from the KoBSON list, student’s final papers, master’s thesis.
Interactive theoretical and practical teaching, application of research methods, consultations, case studiesanalysis
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 70points Final exam 30points
Attendance Written exam
Ongoing assessment Oral exam 30
Class participation    
Practice: 70    
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