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  • International Business and Finance
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Semester 4
Status Core
The Final Master's Thesis aims to enable students, on the basis of their professional practice and in consultation with the mentor, to independently apply the acquired knowledge and skills, and thus prove that they have the ability to solve practical problems from the economic or public sector, concerning international business and finance
The goal is for students to demonstrate in written and oral manner that they have mastered the basics of qualitative and quantitative research, that they have acquired the objectives of the program, the required knowledge, and that they have mastered the methods and techniques that are necessary to independently and analytically make optimal business decisions in the field of International business and Finances.
By developing the Final Master's Thesis, students should demonstrate that they have the ability to describe the issues that are the topic of the master’s thesis, to use creativity in the analysis of the practical problem and in accordance with the standards of the profession to propose a model for its solution.By passing the final exam, students should demonstrate that they are competent to generate adequate information and integrate them in order to make concrete proposals for solving practical problems in the field of international business and finance.
The Final Master's Thesis in the field of international business and finance is defined by the student, the selected teacher-mentor and the representative of the economic or public institution within which the student was doing the work placement-co-mentor. TheFinal Master's Thesis is done in an economic or public institution with which the Novi Sad School of Business has signed a cooperation agreement and that the representative of that institution is a member of the Master's Thesis Defense Committee. The Final Master's Thesis at master vocational studies is a project that solves a practical problem from the economic or public sector and is accepted by an economic or public institution.
The Final Master's Thesis represents a written form consisting of several parts. After introductory considerations, the paper should contain an overview of the theoretical and methodological bases used to solve a specific problem from the economic or public sector, the experimental (practical) part, the presentation of the obtained results, their analysis and the proposal for solving the problem, the final considerations and list of used literature.
The Final Master's Thesis is completed by the student in accordance with the Procedures for Preparation and Quality Control, within which the content, scope, form, procedure of drafting and defending the work are defined. The student in communication with the teacher - mentor and the representative of the institution where they conduct work placement, through discussions of selected topics and analysis of case studies, comes to concrete ideas for solving the considered business problem concerning international or financial business. During the course of the thesis defense, the candidate first orally presents the written part of the paper, after which it answers the questions of the members of the. Upon completion of the thesis defense, the Committee shall determine and assign the grade to the candidate
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 60points Final exam 40points
Master’sThesis Preparation 60 Master’s Thesis Oral Defense (presentation) 40