Course ID 17СА37
  • Entrepreneurship
Number of classes 3+3
Semester 6
Status Core
To enable students to understand the necessity of modern market business logic in enterprises and its impact on important areas of business activity. Students should acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of all segments of modern market business, in order to be able to plan and implement numerous marketing activities in the enterprise. To enable students tosolve market problems in contemporary business independentlyor in a team.
On completing this course students will have gained the following competencies:
• basic knowledge and understanding of the company's market orientation;
• ability to solve specific market problems using modern marketing methods and procedures;
• the ability to integrate and apply basic knowledge in the field of management, marketing and psychology;
• the ability to monitor and follow new tendencies in the profession;
• the ability to develop skills and readiness in the use of knowledge in the field of turbulent modern marketing.
Theoretical training
• Concept and strategy of modern market operations;
• Basics of marketing concept;
• Global marketing environment;
• Market segmentation strategy;
• Managing information marketing and marketing research;
• The specifics of the consumer and business markets;
• Analysis of the competition;
• Product concept and strategy;
• Price formation strategy;
• Creating, implementing, controlling and modifying marketing channels;
• Integrated marketing communications;
• Implementation of marketing in contemporary market business.
Practical training
• Practice classes;
• Case study analysis;
• Seminar papers.
Јовичић, Д., & Сударов, С. (2014). Савремено тржишно пословање.Нови Сад: Алфа-граф НС.

Kotler, F., Vong, V., Sonders, DŽ., & Armstrong, G. (2007). Principi marketinga. Beograd: Mate.

Kotler, P., & Lane K. K. (2006). Marketing menadžment. Beograd: Data status.
Analysis of case studies, discussions, presentations and analyses of seminar papers.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 65 points Final exam  35 points
Attendance 5 Written exam  
Ongoing assessment 40 Oral exam  
Class participation 10  
Practice: 10