Course ID 16СТ58
  • Applied Informatics
Number of classes 3+2
Semester 3
Status Optional
Mastering the problem modeling methods and finding their optimal solution using modeling software;
Ability to model real problems using operational research methods, as well as software for solving them;
Theoretical training
• Mathematical models and methods of their development;
• Simulation modeling;
• Simulation models in finance;
• Simulation models as support to decision-making process;
• Inventory management;
• Optimization and mathematical programming;
• Linear programming: graphic method and simplex method;
• Transport problem;
• Non-linear programming;
• Dynamic programming;
• Parameter programming;
• Square programming;
• Heuristic programming.
Lectures and seminars
Modeling real problems using theoretical methods and using appropriate software, simulation of different conditions, analysis and evaluation of solutions.
Летић, Д., Јевтић, В. Операциона истраживања: алгоритми и методе, Технички факултет "Михајло Пупин", Зрењанин, 2006.

Петрић, Ј., Шаренац, Л., Којић, З. Операциона истраживања I, Научна књига, Београд, 1992.

Петрић, Ј., Шаренац, Л., Којић, З. Операциона истраживања II, Научна књига, Београд, 1992.
presentation of materials, demonstrations, programmed learning and practical work on the computer;
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 45 points Final exam 55 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 25
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam 30
Class participation 10  



Practice classes