Course ID 17СТ20
  • Finance and Banking
Number of classes 3+2
Semester 6
Status Optional
The main objective of the course is to acquire specific knowledge characteristic of the way of public (state) finance functioning. The objective of the course is that upon completion of the learning process, students are able to define the importance of settling costs and their impact on the company's balance sheets; that they are able to describe how tax debt is formed through the study of each tax form and the analysis of the legal possibilities for tax reduction and through the analysis of tax harmonisation acquire knowledge related to the understanding of the policy and system of taxation in the open economy and the EU taxation policy and system. The main objective of the course is that after completing the learning process students acquire functional knowledge that will enable them to successfully solve specific business tasks related to the field of public finance.
By mastering the learning process in the course Public Finance, students will be able to:
• define the ways of financing the state,
• describe and analyse the processes of calculation and payment of taxes by business entities,
• analyse the processes of taxation, tax planning and strategic management of the company's operations,
• define and describe the tax system in Serbia and the fundamentals of the fiscal system of the European Union.
Theoretical training
• The importance of the state in the economy and its connection with other sectors of the economy with a particular emphasis on the relation between the amount of paid taxes and the quantity of delivered public goods.
• Tasks and functions of the state, i.e. public expenditures.
• Public revenues, their types, forms and substitutions (with special emphasis on the study of individual tax forms).
• Studying the budget and fiscal relations between different levels of government.

Practical training
• Case studies.
• Discussion.
• Seminar papers.
Rosen, H. S., & Gayer, T. (2011). Javne finansije. Beograd: Ekonomski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu.
Brown, J. (2011). Tax Policy and the Economy, Vol. 25. Cambridge: NBER Book Series Tax Policy and the Economy.
Радичић, M., & Раичевић, Б. (2008). Јавне финансије – теорија и пракса. Београд: Дата статус.
Relevant legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia
Lectures, interactive practice classes, team work.
Assessment (maximum number of points – 100)
Exam Requirements 45 points Final exam 55 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 55
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam  
Class participation 10  
Case  study      



Practice classes