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  • Applied Informatics
Number of classes
Semester 6
Status Core
Writing the thesis should enable a student to apply the knowledge practically in the implementation of practical task accomplishment acquired during the studies, using the skills in practical work on the computer.
By completing the studies, a student at this level is competent to understand the tasks within his/her work and is able to reasonably consider and elaborate the solutions to the problem, and, on the basis of the defined criteria, to choose the appropriate ones for implementation. A student is also competent to formulate and defend the proposed solutions to the problem, exchange ideas, information, with both experts and laypeople as well as to understand and assume responsibilities in teamwork.
After passing all the exams at the study programme, a student is obliged to write and defend the thesis. The student, after consultation with a teacher of the School, gets a topic for the thesis during the last year of the studies. The thesis includes writing and defense of the thesis.
Topics that are of direct relevance for performing the jobs for which the student is educated are determined for the purpose of writing the thesis. The thesis is defended before the Comission consisting of at least three teachers from the School. A topic for the thesis-writing should include: theoretical-professional processing of a problem and/or the development of a concrete project according to the formulated task.
At the defense of the thesis classical presentation methods are used along with the use of computers and projectors.

The written text of the thesis comprises 50 points; the oral defense: up to 30 points; and for answers to the questions asked up to 20 points.