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  • Finance and Banking
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Semester 6
Status Core
Towards the end of writing the thesis, students should prove that after passing the courses in the study programme Finance and Banking they have gained functional knowledge which is necessary for quality solution of business problems in this field. The aim is that students prove that they have mastered the basics of qualitative and quantitative research in written and verbal ways of communication; that they have acquired the knowledge anticipated by the programme objectives, and that they have mastered the methods and techniques that are necessary to make optimal business decisions in the field of Finance and Banking independently and analytically.
By finalizing the thesis, students should demonstrate that, after passing the courses, they have acquired basic functional knowledge in the field of Finance and Banking. By passing the final exam, students should demonstrate that they are competent to generate adequate information and integrate them in order to bring quality proposals for solving practical problems in the field of Finance and Banking.
After passing all the exams incorporated in the study programme, students have the obligation to pass the thesis. In the course of the last year of studies, students, after consultation with a teacher of the School (mentor), choose a topic of the thesis. The chosen topic must have concrete significance for performing the jobs for which the student is educated. Passing the thesis includes thesis writing and thesis defense. The thesis is defended before the Commission consisting of three members (The President of the Commission, mentor and member). Oral defense is public. During the defense the candidate presents the written part of the thesis, which should contain theoretical-professional analysis and/or the proposal of a solution to a practical problem that is bound to task performance in the field of Finance and Banking. After the oral defense, the candidate answers to the questions asked by the members of the Commission. After the completion of the defense, the Commission determines the grade and communicates it to the candidate.
Discussion on the selected topics, analyses of case studies.
Assessment (maximum number of points – 100)
Exam Requirements 50 points Final exam 50 points
Ongoing Assessment 50 Oral exam 50