Course ID
  • International Business and Finance
Number of classes 0+0+5
Semester 2
Status Core
Course objective is to provide students with the opportunity to meet specific problems in the field of international and financial affairs in the real life situations and to master practical knowledge in the given areas. In addition, the goal is for students to be able to use professional and applied knowledge in business practice in order to contribute to solving practical problems that exist in an economic or public institution in which they do work placement. The aim is for students to develop skills for creative problem solving and decision making, and through team work contribute to solving a practical problem of this institution. By regularly recording the tasks and contributions made in solving the problem, students collect materials (documents, calculations, etc.) that can be the basis for master’s thesis.
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to apply previously acquired theoretical and expert knowledge in solving practical problems within the selected company or institution. In real life conditions, students will develop the ability to spot problems, critically analyse and search for alternative solutions, as well as create and present papers which can be the basis for the master’s thesis.
Practical training in the field of Work Placement I includes: high level of interaction on the relation mentor-candidate, defining the plan of realization of work placement, defining the goal and task of the research, establishing and describing the basic problem, defining basic methods, techniques and instruments for realization of the project of work placement, defining presentation of the research results (written document, oral presentation, electronic presentation, ...), defining the content of the final report on the performed work placement.
Program tasks and projects of practical character refer to the thematic area of international business and finance.
Students need to write the master’s thesis, which aims to solve the concrete business problem of the chosen institution during the course of work placement through direct communication with the mentor and the chosen representative from the organization and using basic analytical, synthetic and professional methods.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 70points Final exam 30points
practical training in the selected institution/ organization 35 Written exam
Work Placement Journal 35 Oral exam- presentation of tasks performed and oral presentation of the final paper. 30