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PRVI STRANI POSLOVNI JEZIK 2 TOPICS FOR SEMINAR PAPERS 1.Company History of the Benetton Group. 2.Franchising – Advantages and Disadvantages. 3.Job Seeking and Recruitment:the Approach of the Royal DutchShell plc. 4.Company Structures: Tesco plc. 5.Methods for Recruiting New Staff. 6.Useful Tips for Getting a Job. 7.Sales Techniques. 8.Department Stores: History, Concept and Types. 9.History of Banking. 10.The Bank of England: History, Approaches, Functions. 11.The European System of Central Banks (ESCB). 12.The Eurozone. 13.Banking in Serbia. 14.Stock Market: Participants, Function and Purpose. 15.Major Stock Exchanges. 16.Public Limited Companies. 17.Accounting systems in Serbia. 18.The most important points regarding product pricing. 19.Takeover bids in Serbia. 20.Major exports and imports in Serbia. 21.Issues to bear in mind when giving a presentation. 22.Advantages/disadvantages of Internet banking compared with visiting your local branch. 23.How often do you shop online? What goods and services can be bought online? 24.Multinational companies have too much power in today’s world. 25.Free trade guarantees world peace. 26.It’s the responsibility of government to control the activities of business. 27.Describe your ideal working conditions and environment. 28.Key to a successful negotiation. 29.How to deal with difficult customers? 30.Writing a good CV. 31.Who do you think is usually more powerful – the shareholders or the directors? 32.Why do companies sometimes take on external consultants? 33.Is it important for an organization to have a logo? 34.How important do you think it is to be a “team player”? 35.What products from our country have an international reputation? YOUR SEMINAR PAPER SHOULD BE 500-800 WORDS LONG. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING THE PAPER IS THE 21ST OF MAY 2009.