Cooperation with businesses

Cooperation with businesses

The Novi Sad School of Business (NSSB) pays special attention to cooperation with the business and to practical knowledges.

Cooperation between the Novi Sad School of Business and the business is intensive and takes place in several ways, through:

  1. Creating study programs and teaching processes in which is directly and intensively involve the development board, which also includes successful businessmen,
  2. Implementation of students professional practice in national and international companies,
  3. Realization of local, provincial and national projects,
  4. Direct engagement of teachers in the business, as founders of business entities and providers of various of services,
  5. Organizing professional lectures by experts from the business.

Cooperation with the business enables to students to acquire practical knowledge as well as to hear good examples from practice, thus becoming competitive in the labor market. Cooperation with the business enables teachers to continuously develop and improve their practical competencies, which directly contributes to the quality of teaching.

As practical knowledge determines competitiveness in the market, the Novi Sad School of Business will in the future further intensify the cooperation with the business through partnerships with new market participants and implement a wide range of activities.


Instructions and necessary documents for professional practice:

  • You can download the Professional Practice Form here
  • Instructions for professional practice can be obtained from the school secretary Jelena Milošević, cabinet No.46