About Us


Novi Sad School of Business is a acreditated state school with more than 50 years of tradition in educating professionals in the field of economics and computer science. School has managed to establish itself as one of the leading state institutions in the field of applied business, economics and informatics. Thousands of enrolled students and graduates and the success they have achieved in their careers upon completion of the studies are a reliable indicator that the job we are doing has been well done. We believe we should provide top-notch education to those who trusted us, students above all, who have recognized us as a partner that can help them realize their full potential and achieve their professional goals. Furthermore, we owe it to our business environment which defines the purpose of our existence. That is the responsibility we are aware of and which we readily and gladly accept. Seeking to develop further, we are firmly resolved and dedicated to the goal of aligning the education we provide with the real needs of the economy. Furthermore, we believe that the development of our institution should be founded on essential principles of applied and professional studies and based on best practices of similar educational institution in the world. We possess adequate material and human resources which will help us achieve that goal. In order to adequately develop the school and contribute to the economy and society by creating quality applied business studies we systemically improve and implement our long-term development strategy, the strategy which takes into account the needs of all those who are the reason for the existence of our institution. In this venture we perceive the representatives from companies as partners who will contribute to the development of relevant and contemporary study programmes via suggestions, instructions and various activities. Furthermore, in long term strategy emphasise is placed on the intensive international cooperation for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as on the modern trends in education which are aligned with the needs of business environment. The outcome of such study programmes is the easily employable graduates with practical knowledge, skills and competencies which will meet the needs of the businesses and relevant professions. We ensure that our graduates became flexible, analytical, fast-learning professionals who are able to cope with the challenges of the rapidly changing professional environment. Besides, our students are able to keep up-to-date with the constant technological, economic and social changes and see them not as obstacles but as opportunities for creating an added value. Only with that in mind will we be able to educate professionals who will be able to deal with challenges that exist in local or international business environment.