Master of Professional Studies Programme in International Business and Finance

Master of Professional Studies Programme in International Business and Finance is intended for students who wish to increase their knowledge in the field of contemporary international and financial business. Having in mind the strategic orientation of the Republic of Serbia towards Europe, its tendency towards export-oriented economy as well as the importance of the role of finances in business, it is to be expected that in the coming years there will be an increasing demand for specialists in this area.

The Programme has been designed in accordance with the contemporary trends and scientific knowledge in the above-mentioned areas and conceived so as to enable acquisition of functional knowledge and skills in the area of international business and finance. During the work placement in companies with which the School has signed a cooperation agreement, the students will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to specific business problems and develop workplace skills. This experience will prove invaluable to them for completion of their (final) Master thesis.

Upon completion of the Programme the students will be qualified to perform a wide range of jobs in financial institutions and companies active in international markets. Some of the jobs are:

  • banker
  • broker
  • investment advisor
  • international finances consultant
  • loan analyst
  • export-import manager
  • financial management advisor
  • risk management associate
  • financial analyst
  • head of finance department, etc.

Upon completion of the Programme, the students will be able to easily acquire prestigious national and international licenses for positions such as licensed portfolio manager, certified financial analyst, certified risk manager, etc.

No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17МСТ01 European Union Economics 1 3+3 8
2 17МСТ02 Business English 1 3+3 8
3 17МСА01 Economics of International Integration 1 3+3 8
4 Electives I 1 3+2 6
17МСТ07 Family Business Management
Competitiveness of Businesses and Economies
5 17МСА02 Banking 2 2+2 6
6 17ССА36 Securities Investment 2 3+2 6
7 17ССТ23 Financial Risk Management 2 3+3 7
8 Electives II 2 2+2 6
17МСА08 Business Strategies
17МСА09 Project Management
9 Work Placement I 2 0+0+5 4
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17МОО01 Research Methodology 3 2+2 7
2 17МСТ04 Foreign Trade Management 3 2+2 6
3 17МСТ05 Globalisation 3 4+4 8
4 Electives III 3 3+3 7
17МСА11 Applying Statistical Models In Business
17МСА12 International Tax Policy
5 Work Placement II 4 0+0+5 4
6 17МСТ06 International Business Finance 4 3+3 7
7 Electives IV 4 3+3 7
17МСА13 Corporate Finance
17МСА14 Organizational Behaviour
8 17МСА06 Master’s Thesis Preparation 4 2
9 Master’s Thesis Defense 4 10