Undergraduate Professional Study Program in Trade and International Business

Undergraduate Professional Study Program in Trade and International Business is intended for students who wish to acquire quality knowledge, skills and abilities and become professionals competent to perform jobs in the field of internal and external trade, wholesaling and retailing or international business. The students will have acquired practical knowledge in international economics and trade, business and market communications, market research and consumer behaviour research, marketing strategies and marketing channels, as well as knowledge about export business, e-business and trade with The European Union. Upon completion of this Programme the students will be able to successfully work in small and medium enterprises or become entrepreneurs in the field of trading.

The students who enrol in Trade and International Business Programme will make the right choice as in the future the role of the trade in economic and social development will become more important, the export will increase and the economic relations between Serbia and other countries will become more stable. Wholesaling and retailing provide impetus for the economic growth and boost increase in employment, i.e. result in new job openings, not only in Serbia but also in the European Union.

Upon completion of  Trade and International Business Programme, students will be qualified for the following positions: manager, expert associate or administrative worker in retail, wholesale or external trade businesses; manager or associate in sales, marketing and development, acquisitions, freight forwarding and distribution; clerk in government and  local government administration; commercial and sales representative; broker in trade; e-commerce specialist; tax clerk or tax analyst; customs officer; wholesale or retail company manager; specialist for sales of banking products or insurance products, etc.
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17OO01 Principles of Economics 1 3+2 7
2 17ST01 Principles of Management 1 2+2 6
3 17ST03 Corporate Law 1 2+2 6
4 Electives (First Foreign Language 1) 1 2+2 5
17ST02E First Foreign Business Language1 – English
17ST02N First Foreign Business Language1- German
17ST02R Firts Foreign Business Language 1 – Russian
17ST02F First Foreign Business Language1 – French
5 Electives I 1 2+2 5
17OO03 Psychology
17OO02 Sociology
6 17ST04 Principles of Organising 2 2+2 6
7 17ST05 Accounting 2 3+2 7
8 17OO05 National Economy 2 2+2 6
9 17OO04 Mathematics 2 2+2 6
10 Electives II 2 2+2 6
17SA02 Ecological Management
17SA01 Agro-Economics
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17SA04 Business Statistics 3 3+2 7
2 17ST17 Marketing 3 2+2 6
3 17ST06 Introduction to Finance 3 3+2 7
4 17ST18 International Economics 3 2+2 6
5 Electives III 3 2+2 5
17SA17 Business Communication
17SA18 Marketing Communication
6 17SA49 International Trade 4 3+2 7
7 Electives (First Foreign Language 2) 4 2+2 5
17ST09E First Foreign Business Language 2 – English
17ST09N First Foreign Business Language2 – German
17ST09R First Foreign Business Language 2 – Russian
17ST09F First Foreign Business Language 2 – French
8 Work Placement I (TIB) 4 0+0+5 4
9 17SA03 Information Technology Applications (TIB) 4 3+2 7
10 Electives IV 4 2+2 6
17SA21 Consumer Behaviour
17SA22 Market research