Specialist Professional Study Programme in Banking and Stock Trading

Specialist Professional Study Programme in Banking and Stock Trading is intended for students who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of finance. Having in mind the importance finances play in contemporary business, as well as the need for more dynamic development of the domestic financial market, it is to be expected that in the following years the need for specialists in this field will be increased.

The Study Programme has been designed in accordance with contemporary trends and scientific achievements in the field of finance and its main goal is to enable students to solve the specific business problems in the fields of banking and stock market trading. In order to be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, the School has ensured work placement in numerous companies such as: Société Générale Srbija, Erste Bank AD Novi Sad, Dunav Insurance Company, European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Srbijagas, Novi Sad Fair, Grand Motors Ltd., The Public Broadcasting Service of Vojvodina, etc.

Upon completion of this programme, the students will be qualified for the following jobs:

  • investment analyst
  • banker
  • stockbroker
  • investment consultant
  • financial consultant
  • insurance sales coordinator
  • sales network development manager in insurance companies
  • loan department manager/advisor
  • portfolio manager
  • business analyst
  • entrepreneur
  • accountant
  • auditor
  • commercial affairs manager
  • asset and liability management advisor
  • money management advisor
  • risk management associate in insurance
  • financial analyst/controller
  • head of accounting department
  • head of finance department etc.
Upon completion of the Study Programme the students will be able to easily obtain prestigious domestic and international licences such as licenced portfolio manager, certified financial analyst, certified risk manager etc.
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 17ССА36 Securities Investment 1 3+2 6
2 17ССА10 Financial Instruments for Public Sector 1 3+3 7
3 17ССТ23 Financial Risk Management 1 3+3 7
4 17ССТ14 Stock Exchange Operations 1 3+3 7
5 Electives I 1 3+3 7
17ССА08 Company Evaluation
17ССА09 International Taxation
6 17ССТ12 Banking and Financial Transactions 2 3+3 7
7 17ССА39 Work Placement 2 4
8 Electives II 2 3+2 6
17ССА11 Small And Medium Enterprises Financing
17ССА12 Monetary Finance
9 17ССА39 Final Paper 2 2+2 9