Course ID 16ST44
  • Applied Informatics
Number of classes 3+2
Semester 2
Status Optional
Students will understand how to develop and maintain algorithms used for managing different data structures.
Students are expected to learn how to apply the main methods of creating, maintaining, searching and consulting different algorithmic structures.
Theoretical training
• Introduction: The concept of type, abstract data type and data structure;
• Component elements of the structure;
• Abstract data types: list, stack, queue, ordered and binary trees (tree B-tree), arrays, dictionary, priority order;
• Overview of data structures: linked list and other bound structures, hash tables, stacks;
• Algorithms for performing basic operations on the data structures: writing, inserting and deleting data, searching;
• Application of the described structures in complex algorithms: sorting and merging of data sets, arithmetic expressions, recursive methods;
• General strategies for creating algorithms: divide and control, dynamic programming, greedy approach, backtracking, local search;
• Handling files: search, consultation, creation and coupled procedures.-spregnuti postupci
Practical training
Work on tasks related to mentioned algorithm structures.
Božić, D., Bogdanov, N., & Ševarlić, M. (2011). Ekonomika poljoprivrede. Beograd: Poljoprivredni fakutet.
Vlahović, B. (2011). Tržište i marketing poljoprivredno-prehrambenih proizvoda. Novi Sad: Poljoprivredni fakultet.
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Janković, S. (2009). Evropska unija i ruralni razvoj Srbije. Beograd: Institut za primenu nauke u poljoprivredi.
Lectures, work in a computer laboratory, presentations, discussions.
Assessment (maximum number of points 100)
Exam Requirements 45 points Final exam 55 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 25
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam 30
Class participation 10  



Practice classes