Course ID 17СА19
  • Trade and International Business
Number of classes 3+2
Semester 5
Status Core
The main objective of the course is to enable students to understand the ever-more complex structure of marketing channels, more efficient horizontal and vertical integration and distribution systems of goods from manufacturers to end-consumers in contemporary market conditions. Furthermore, the objective is to enable them to fully acquire theoretical and practical knowledge related to the processes of creating, implementing, controlling and modifying marketing channels in real business conditions.
By mastering the content of the course students will acquire the following competence:
• the basic knowledge and complete understanding of the subject matter related to the creation, structure and functioning of marketing channels in real business conditions,
• the ability of finding the optimal marketing channels, which will effectively allow the movement of goods from manufacturing plants to the end-consumer.
Theoretical training
• Distribution – the basic tool of marketing mix.
• Institutions that form the marketing channel structure.
• The length of marketing channel.
• Intensity of the marketing channel.
• Planning and creating the marketing channel.
• Implementation, control and modification of marketing channels.
• Horizontal and vertical integration in marketing channels.
• Marketing channel efficiency.

Practical training
• Practice tasks, case study analyses, seminar papers.
Ловрета, С., Кончар, Ј., & Петковић Г. (2011). Канали маркетинга, трговина и остали канали. Београд: Центар за издавачку делатност Економског факултета у Београду и Економски факултет Суботица.
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Kotler, P., & Lane, K. K. (2006). Marketing menadžment. Beograd: Data status.
Case study analyses, seminar papers.
Assessment (maximum number of points – 100)
Exam Requirements 55 points Final exam 45 points
Attendance 5 Written exam 45
Ongoing assessment 30 Oral exam  
Class participation 10  
Case  study 10