Specialist Professional Study Programme in Management

Specialist Professional Study Programme in Management lasts one year (60 ESP) and has been designed to meet the needs of the job market. The goal of the study program is to educate and train the professionals for the positions which require knowledge and skills related to management.
The Management Study Programme employs a multidisciplinary approach and is based on contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge. The courses are delivered via interactive lectures, seminars covering examples of business practices and case studies.
Globalization, continuous and rapid changes, modern technologies development, innovations, competition, information-based economy and virtualization of the work space have resulted in new challenges for the education and contemporary business and management. Modern times and new working conditions require not only knowledge but also improved abilities, skills and competencies. Students’ skills are developed through work placement programmes taking place in companies which Novi Sad School of Business has a successful cooperation with: Société Générale Srbija, Erste Bank AD Novi Sad, Univerexport Novi Sad, JP Srbijagas, Novi Sad Fair, Univerzal ltd. Novi Sad etc.
No. ID Name Semester No. of Classes ESPB
1 SSA42 Production Management 1 3+3 7
2 SSA40 Business Planning 1 3+2 6
3 SSA21 Project Management 1 3+2 6
4 Electives I 1 3+2 6
SSA36 Securities Investment
SSA38 Insurance Business
5 SST26 Family Business Management 2 3+2 6
6 SST27 Competitiveness of Businesses and Economies 2 3+2 6
7 SSA28 Human Resource Management 2 3+3 7
8 Electives II 2 3+2 6
SST22 Life and Non-life Insurance
SST23 Risk Management
9 Final Paper 2 10